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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Tuesday, August 15, 2006
    Instant gratification in search of a numinous now
    Martin has just published The Sky's Window. It will be good. Martin is a man whose judgement I trust, even when he's talking about himself. So I believe what he says about it in his sales pitch (which gives me a nice little thrill of anticipation):

    The Sky's Window is the latest collection of readings from the London-based writer Martin Wroe. These 'lines and lyrics in search of a numinous now' offer a fresh take on the road of life, spotting the mysterious in the mundane, the sacramental in the apparently ordinary. From births to weddings, first love to last loss, some were commissioned for public reading, others are designed for quiet reflection. All try to offer a sideways glance, a fleeting glimpse, of the unseen love behind all things. They look at the ordinary 'with a hunch that it contains more than itself', with the hope that a prayer can become a poem and a poem can be read like prayer.

    Meg designed the lovely cover and Martin published the book via Lulu, which more and more people are doing these days. Like blogging, why wait around for publishers to get your work out there when you can do it yourself online. Just to spread the word a bit more about this publishing revolution Martin wrote about the Lulu process for the Sunday Times last week, with the typically witty title, Publish and get instant gratification with the iTunes of literature.