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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Thursday, June 22, 2006
    Place marketing
    Pictured: ‘Place marketing’ in Manchester. Thanks to an ad in the occasional but essential Variant magazine I've just booked my place on a bus tour around that city's regeneration landmarks - past, present and future. The tour is called Raiders of the Arc of Opportunity and it's related to the current exhibition at the Castlefield Gallery called Incursions in the Knowledge Capital. It's good to know that there's some good critical work being done, not far from here, on the whole regeneration agenda, and the website which links much of this together is called Open City. Plenty of good reading there.

    If you want me at an event at the drop of a hat, then give it the title The Commodification & Privatisation of the Everyday, and explain that it is 'a Networking event for individuals and organisations researching and campaigning on issues related to the neo-liberal city: on the processes of capitalist globalisation and the neo-liberal agenda which shapes it. How do our experiences of a rampant neo-liberalism in towns & cities across England & Scotland interrelate? How is contemporary resistance to its influences shaped? An event of encounter, exchange and debate with individuals & groups from Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Paisley...'

    I found out about this in Variant too. However it's this Saturday and I'm already booked for a visit to The Shap Heritage Centre that day, to see an exhibition about The Jungle Transport Café and other highlights of the old A6. Enticed by another sort of place marketing altogether. Can't be everywhere all at once I guess.