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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Tuesday, June 20, 2006
    More days of wonder with Rennie Sparks
    After we shot the grizzly, after the airship crashed.
    After we lost the compass, after the radio went dead.

    We shot and ate the horses. We marched through deadly swamps.
    Inside a limestone cave I found a human skull.

    Yes Mary, I found a human skull.

    The captain caught a fever. We tied him to a tree.
    We stared into the fire and tried not to hear his screams.

    I killed a tiny antelope not scared by my approach.
    We turned it over dying flames as we huddled in the gloom.

    Yes Mary, we huddled in the gloom.

    We built a raft from skin and bones. Only five could safely float.
    The others stood upon the shore. They screamed and threw sharp stones.

    Yes Mary, they threw the sharpest stones.

    But how the sea did spin us, how the waves did roar.
    The captain jumped into the storm then we were but four.

    One by one we chose our straws till only I remained,
    but Mary you are with me now, all around me in the waves.

    Yes Mary, you are in the waves.

    - not very generous behaviour from The Handsome Family, but this is just one of the many absolutely breathtaking songs on their eagerly-awaited new album, Last Days of Wonder. If you like your humour deeply dark and poetic (if you like your poetry deeply dark and humorous), Rennie Sparks is your woman.