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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Sunday, June 04, 2006
    Everyday Mis-Guidance

    Great to hear from Phil who (you and) I last encountered on our Mis-Guided walk around the Mall in April. The above picture features in Phil's write-up of our walk on the recently-launched Mis-Guided Blog. Look closely and you will see Revd Rust of Holloway (left), and me (third left) holding up a scale model of a red Marx fire engine in the style of the Blitz Memorial at Liverpool Parish Church.

    Thrilling, after all the talk I provoked last week (see yesterday's blog), to read of the Mis-Guiders' next project: Exeter Everyday, a week of day-long festivals of the everyday in Exeter next month [download pdf].

    The aim of this is to '[encourage] Exonians and visitors to the city to notice, ‘perform' and celebrate their everyday for the week of the festival. This may provoke people to wear their best shoes on Monday, or wear coloured contact lenses or slightly more eye make up or even flirt a little on Thursday. Or maybe just make people a little more aware of the everyday performances of the city and how they might be acting out the city in a way that is crucial to how it is and how it will be.'

    Pity Exeter's so far from here. But if you're near there between 10-15 July, you might just get involved.