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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Monday, March 27, 2006
    If the Beatles had been girls, and other anxieties
    This morning I received an email containing the following invitation:

    Script 2 Stage Productions will be holding Auditions for their forthcoming plays. These include:

    1. Imagine The Beatlets - a musical stage play based on the assumption that what if the Beatles had been girls and how this would have changed the world.
    2. City of Beyond – the story of Minerva a Roman Goddess who with the help of her children the Liver Birds saves the City of Liverpool.
    3. Patrick – a musical comedy about a female ventriloquist who marries a puppet.

    We will be holding ongoing auditions starting on the 27th April 2006 at St Christopher’s Church Lorenzo Drive. Actors, Actresses, Dancers and Singers can send in their details to davidirlam@onetel.com. We look forward to your reply.

    This raises all sorts of issues for me. Including:

    1. Terrible anxieties thinking about the changes to my world if the Beatles had been girls.
    2. Worries about what awful fate Minerva and her children the Liver Birds are saving the City of Liverpool from.
    3. Concerns about why I feel strangely drawn towards applying to audition to play a puppet who marries a female ventriloquist.

    Hard work, this Capital of Culture lark.