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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Tuesday, December 06, 2005
    When I walk The Land I start from here
    However stressed and unforgiving I am after a wierd day, 2 hours on the land restores my animal balance and lets my spirit fly free like Billy Balloon from Scott Walker's "Plastic Palace People". Man is a huge Headtrip that likes to exist Full-on at all times. He's clearly not reconciled to this earth because he spends so much effort constructing ways of living above it. This would suggest that part of him is Not of this Earth. But until we discover just where that part of him IS from, it would appear to make sound sense to nourish the part of him that IS from planet Earth by walking his body around on the land every so often because, at the very least, we know part of man's roots are here. ...

    The Judaeo-Christian way that preached Dominion over the Land was taken as a given even by Radicals. We still suffer from its fallout, dragged off the land during the Industrial Revolution and billetted in Sardine-can City working for the Man. Change will only come when people feel it. the first Gnostic rebellion over the claustrophobic life in cities took place 700 years before Christ. My message is tied to the land. Put on your walking shoes.

    - I'm reading Julian Cope's 1995 tour 'programme' The Ur-Pagan and I think I'm in agreement with most of that. Except The Land is in The City too, of course. When I walk The Land I start from here.