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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Monday, November 21, 2005
    No to No Music Day

    Bill Drummond declared today No Music Day, but I couldn't bring myself to join in. I just can't exist without it, and today what got me through that familiar dark spell of exhaustion late-afternoon (an hour's lull in a hectic day anticipating an evening of more draining activity) was fifteen minutes slumber with the latest Wire Tapper making oddly reassuring noises in my head.

    In our self-imposed reflective silence Bill invites us to consider the question, what do you want from music? I find that too difficult to know. All I know is that I simply, but dearly, want music.

    Mind, I can relate to some of the questionnaire answers people have given on the No Music Day site, especially this couplet:

    I will be observing No Music Day by: Working hard for a living in an enviroment that does not permit music to be listened to during the long working hours; I am observing No Music Day because: I am in the grip of Mammon.

    I am in the grip of Mammon when it comes to music. Which is why I shall end the day not on Bill's (very interesting) site, but with Cherry Red Records, purveyors of fine outsider music, considering the very kind offer they made me earlier today, three cds for twenty-five quid.

    [Thanks Paul, for the link]