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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Thursday, November 17, 2005
    Keep your thingy harmonious
    I don't quite know who Team Kernow are but their letter to The Tate is briefer and far more linguistically interesting than mine:

    'Keep your thingy harmonious and proportionate to the town - i.e. just as it is! You want too much and Kernow is wilting under all the cumulative pressure.'

    Team Kernow are evidently very concerned Cornish citizens, although the little I can find about them online suggests they're currently operating out of San Francisco, California. Surfers, maybe? They have quite a lot of criticism for Prince Charles. And they want the Tate to:

    'Take a look at something else that wants too much: www.eden-project-insight.tk. Show 'les autres' how to cultivate modest, reasonable, sensitive, proportionate and caring ambitions. Show them also how to reassess and withdraw overblown schemes with dignity and reawakened wisdom!'

    I couldn't say it better than that.