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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Thursday, May 12, 2005
    Holiday shopping
    I've faded in my Generous actions this year but one idea I introduced to the Generous community I've stuck to: Shop Small. This is how they describe the idea on the Generous site, carefully avoiding any obvious company names,

    If you do a lot of online ordering from multinational books or CD suppliers etc, see if there's an alternative local supplier you can order from. Buy online and then call to collect, and while you're collecting chat to the staff.

    So I've been getting most of my books from News From Nowhere, our city's finest alternative store on the ever-exciting Bold Street. News From Nowhere have a good online order facility where you can select 'collect from shop' as a payment/delivery method. And today they've emailed to tell me my holiday reading is now in-store:

    Place - a presentation of "some of the most challenging art to address the function of place in the contemporary world" by Tacita Dean and Jeremy Millar;

    Those Feet: A Sensual History of English Football by David Winner; and

    Football and All That, another history of football, by Norman Giller, which kicks off by examining the origins of football, starting with the argument over whether the Chinese, the Romans or the English invented the game.

    Last year I sunned it in St Ives with Euro 2004 for company. This year - very soon - it'll be football in the head.