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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Friday, February 04, 2005
    On Saddam, Bishop Bell and Beano
    Julian Cope is still a master of the killer rock riff and lyric. I've been on the road overnight hooting with delight at this, from his great new album:

    I'm living in the room they found Saddam in,
    Nothing ever came of my family planning,
    I'm living in the room they found Saddam in now...

    You have to have ears to hear what the head drude is saying to the churches...

    Meanwhile, at St Deiniol's, I've been staying in the room named for George Bell, wartime Bishop of Chichester who opposed Hitler and the Nazi government, supported Niemoller and Bonhoffer and other German Church leaders who resisted Hitler, criticised Churchill over allied saturation bombing of civilian areas, and established the Famine Relief Committee to attempt to help victims of the British economic blockade of Europe, in countries such as Belgium and Greece.

    When you sit in a room named for a man of such great vigour and integrity, you get your work done alright. Which is what I spent the last 24 hours doing - preparing a Lent course, writing Sunday's sermon. Other rooms at St Deiniol's would perhaps have a very different effect. The time will eventually come for me to discover the effect of occupying the room named after Minnie the Minx.