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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Saturday, November 13, 2004
    We will never see their like again
    Clear-out at church today. We filled a Luton van with the detritus of a decade. This included:

    Two quarter-size snooker tables;
    One old kitchen sink;
    Two massive banners advertising scouting events;
    An ancient tent;
    A box full of plastic Snoopys from MacDonalds;
    A large teddy bear wearing a Girl Guides top;
    Four boxes of mildewed Hymns Ancient and Modern;
    Three boxes of obsolete prayer books;
    100 Hymns for Today - one box;
    One dozen traffic cones;
    A number of broken canoe paddles;
    Rotting furniture from a corner of an unused part of the church garden;
    A gas cooker;
    A calor gas heater;
    A long metal pole used many years ago for stoking the coal-fired boiler;
    A long coil of wire and an even longer coil of tubing left in the church grounds by road-diggers some time ago;
    Bin-bags full of three-quarters empty tins of emulsion paint;
    Some pieces of wooden fencing;
    A gymnastic vaulting horse donated to the Boys Brigade many years ago by HMP Walton;
    A fluorescent strip light unit;
    Three brush handles (no brushes);
    One rusted lawnmower;
    One rust-coloured curtain set;
    One broken blue display board;
    Ceramic ducks.

    We will never see their like again. Until, that is, we tackle the rooms we left undisturbed today.

    I came home to read tomorrow's epistle about the Christians in Thessalonica being idle, and the chapter in Cities about the demise of Rome, a city which became clogged up with the detritus of wealth. "Brothers and sisters," Paul said, "do not be weary in doing what is right." Or as Yaconelli famously put it, "You wanna know how to be a good Christian? Clean up your room!"