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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Saturday, November 20, 2004
    Another satisfying Goodison afternoon, the win made even better by purchasing the latest When Skies Are Grey, a happy fanzine just now with a great centre-spread from the Good Rumour Man (35 Everton rumours including, 2. Thomas Graveson has no big toe on either foot; 16. When Alan Stubbs went to St Kevin's, he had the choice of joining Bolton Wanderers or China Crisis. The rest is history; 27. Former Wimbledon goalkeeper, Hans Segers, was paid to "throw" the vital match in May 1994 which saw Everton escape relegation by the skin of their teeth.....)

    And WSAG put me onto showmercy.co.uk. Mercy is a Liverpool-based project specialising in "less mainstream" cultural commentary. Their site has a good words section, including this (untitled), by Nick Holloway:

    "To hell with culture, culture as that added like sauce to otherwise unpalatable stale-fish." - Eric Gill

    soon no more lennon
    leatherclad and wearing the wrong haircut

    no scars on walls from binbags
    set alight by scally lads

    no tanning beds
    or hungry lunchhours lost thereon
    no barely-middays or bad men who shudder
    no liverbirds or
    no more reinventing the hangover
    no faces unsure of low-flying planes
    no tanks outside of airport gates
    no demolition teams
    and cranes
    and no more newlyweds
    who wander worry-headed
    and wonder
    will the washer-dryer last longer than love will?
    'cos one day soon

    the cathedral will rise up on caterpillar tracks
    and roll like the holiest of battletanks
    to sweep the lot of liverpool
    in to the river
    and away