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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Sunday, October 24, 2004
    A vivacious extraness
    I see that Copey's new book is out: The Megalithic European, which the head describes as "my second huge guide to the first monuments of humanity, this time taking in over 300 prehistoric sites on mainland Europe and in its islands. The essay section examines the mystery of our prehistoric beginnings in order for us to understand and enrich our lives."

    Cope last year delivered a lecture at the British Museum on The norse god Odin in Christian Symbolism appearing in multi-coloured face paint, combat clothing and five-inch platform shoes. In The Independent today the "writer, rocker, goddess-worshipper and self-styled shaman" explains his approach to unfolding the ancient:

    "I try to inform what I do with a vivacious extraness", he says. "I want to make it appealing, to make people feel that their human side is being celebrated. Pre-history can be cool. It isn't all morris dancing and hoedowns and Tony Robinson standing in a field in his cagoule. To me, that could never be interesting. I like to think of myself as the conduit between the place and the person who goes to it. At the very least, I want people to think, "Cope's been here. Let's go and have a look"."

    Well, it works for me. Can't wait to see his current work-in-progress, Let Me Speak to the Driver, a "language and landscape encyclopaedia of pre-Christian history"...