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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Wednesday, September 01, 2004
    Meeting Polly
    [From Temple Bar Internet Exchange]

    When I said I was going to see PJ Harvey in Dublin I was thinking of tonight's front-row Circle seat at The Olympia. Not an eyeball-to-eyeball conversation half an hour after getting off the plane. But there she was, on the steps of Books Upstairs as I prepared to make the city's celebrated radical bookshop my first stop. So I said "Hello", we shared a few words about the upcoming gig, she said, "Enjoy it", smiled her trademark wide, generous smile, and I spent my first few minutes in the shop gazing unfocussed at shelves of James Joyce, telling myself what had just happened had just happened, happy already that this trip has been worthwhile.

    [From Avalon Hostel lobby, Thursday 08:50]

    ... and the gig itself lived up to hopes, too. Polly ranged right across her now-lengthy career and treated us to some classics alongside the excellent newer material. Highlights: 50 Foot Queenie and Meet Ze Monsta (proving I like her rockist Beefheartian stuff the best), plus lots of good conversation with those around me, leaning forwards over the front edge of the Circle almost overhanging the stage - best seats in the house. One of those special nights in a likeable, lively celtic city.