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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Friday, August 06, 2004
    You have to be kind of lost to find this place
    My %Desktop is astonishing: part of the Computing 101B exhibition on now at FACT. The video installation fills the vast gallery wall with large-scale computer screens which display a Mac possessed - violently erupting, windows opening and closing as if controlled by some mad unseen force, creating hypnotising sound and visuals. It's scary and amusing and by breaking all sorts of rules, makes you think about the human-machine interface.

    "You have to be kind of lost to find this place," the exhibition guide quotes Richard Prince. Well it does resemble MY Desktop some Saturdays (or my brainscape) when I'm desperately trying to come up with a sermon. The guide also offers four weblinks to sites which the artists JODI have created as on-line artworks. They carry a warning - enter at your own risk. If you do, you'll see why. Unlikely you'll feel the same way about your computer again (if it ever works the same way again)... Dare you: