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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Wednesday, August 20, 2003
    Sense: Greenbelt
    Greenbelt has no mirrors - we see through glass doors darkly. Help us to give up what we don't like when we look at ourselves, to embrace the wonders hidden, latent, inside us.

    Greenbelt has no ceiling - we walk beneath God's great sky. Help us to unclench our anxious, frightened souls, to open up to the universe and all who walk alongside us here.

    Greenbelt has no air conditioning - we inhale the odours of food vans and our tentmates' socks. Help us to accept the unsavoury, to learn grace through the differences which challenge us.

    Greenbelt has no volume control switch - our ears take in musical collisions, amplified talks, other people's conversations. Help us to welcome new sounds, to be excited by new ideas, to learn to really listen, to hear God through it all.

    Greenbelt has no dietary restrictions - we share food with each other, regardless of dogmas, theologies, teams supported, eye makeup or clothes. Help us rejoice in the holy wonder of sharing with strangers, help us revel in the joyous creativity involved in making friends.

    [Written for the Greenbelt blog and copied here. The festival is just 48 hours away.]