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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Monday, August 18, 2003
    Good cause
    A day when so many publications tumble through my letterbox that once again I'm forced to consider that I take too many to read, and question whether my money ought to be redirected away from one or two, to other causes. Inside Resurgence (which is uniquely good and will keep my support), a leaflet to persuade me where I might redirect some funds: to Peaceworkers UK, a charity set up to increase the amount of people involved in conflict prevention, management and resolution. And to strengthen the quality of such work. They say,
      We are doing this by developing and running training courses to prepare people for practical work in conflict areas, developing assessment standards for ensuring the quality of personnel working in this field, setting up a register of qualified personnel available in the UK, by promoting the establishment of a UK Civilian Peace Service and supporting similar international efforts in this field.
    In their leaflet there's a Sussex council executive who spent six months as Municipal Administrator for Gilogovc, Kosovo in 1999-2000, a Norfolk potter who provided support to nonviolent resistance to occupation in Palestine, 2002-3, folk from London and Bristol who've been in Colombia with human rights defeders, and Bosnia as election observers. And so on. Work worth supporting, methinks.

    But what gives to make this happen? I hate to say this but I may give up my sub to Le Monde Diplomatique - English version. Not because of the quality of the writing - it's excellent, and you don't get such perspectives in the mainstream press. But because of the quality of the print - it's printed on airmail-thin paper and I find it physically hard to read. Can always keep up with it online instead.