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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Monday, July 21, 2003
    Rough edges
    "It's funny ... I liked Punk Rock in 1977 and I don't like Punk Rock very much in 1978. It starts going off. I like early Rock and Roll, and I like early R & B, I like early jazz and early crossover stuff when they first do it. It always has such power and I don't like it when they become formulated or that they rely on that formulation in the sense that they parody themselves a lot or easy to deal with. The rough edges all disappear. So I like the primitive in things because I like the rough edges being there. I like that because the energy is still there. Because energy is really nice. Energy is what I like."

    ... Holly Golightly collaborator Billy Childish interviewed in 3am magazine. He's also featured in in Flux #37, which I picked up today for holiday reading. Also bought Word, which had Weller on the front and Holly inside, with Gillian Welch, Bill Byson and the Super Furry Animals in a Welsh pyschedelic commune. Not sure if it's bad or sad to purchase a magazine on these strengths plus the prospect of reading an extended article on The Hay Literary Festival. But I've reached that point in life, as have many others, evidently, as Word, a risky publishing venture, is still on the shelves five issues in. Perhaps because rough edges meet there, oddly, too.

    (Holiday reading? I'm half-finished already...)