john davies
notes from a small curate

    Easter Day Meditation

    Holy Trinity Family Communion 20/4/03

    Mark 16:1-8

    The Day of the Resurrection of our Lord, by Walter Wangerin, Jr, from Reliving the Passion (extract):
      But now think, Peter! Think how terribly mighty that love must be to rise from the dead! Peter, do you understand what I'm saying to you? This is the love of Almighty God the Father, now, right here! Right here! That's why I'm shaking. Hold me. Hold me. I promise, I'm telling the truth. Hold me tight. Stop my shaking. Peter, believe me -

    What came first - chicken or egg? (do chicken & egg thing for fun)
    Doesn't help us understand what came first
    - but does remind us that the miraculous cycle of life never stops;
    God makes new life possible; life's always repeating itself.
    God has made re-creation a key part of creation.
    When we look closely at creation we can begin to understand what God's new life means.

    Cup your hands - like the shell of an egg.
    Invite you in your mind's eye, to put yourself inside that egg.
    Imagine you are a chicken, growing inside that egg.
    Sense the warmth - the closeness - the calmness in there.
    Sense the darkness which surrounds you.
    Realise that you don't know anything else except the darkness.
    Darkness has always surrounded you.
    Feel yourself growing, a little larger, bit by bit
    As you grow, you become more aware of the walls aroiund you.
    The shell which holds you starts feeling too small.
    You're feeling a little crushed in there.

    And then - you hear a crack.
    Your body moves in a direction it's never been before
    as the sides of the shell break open.
    With your hands open now, but your eyes still closed
    In your mind's eye you see the light
    You feel - shock - wonder - confusion - fear - joy - as the light breaks in
    Your eyes become alive to new sights
    Your body rolls awkwardly into a new world
    A whole new world opens up before you.

    What do you feel:
    - lost without the old comforts you had in the dark?
    - amazed at the new world you've entered?
    - fearful about what will happen now?

    You have been with with Jesus
    As he broke out of the tomb of death
    Into the glorious new light of eternal life
    You have seen resurrection
    Felt resurrection

    You have been with Mary
    As she emerged from the darkness of sorrow
    Into the glorious new light of eternal life
    You have seen resurrection
    Felt resurrection


    Clasp your hands again -
    this time, not a chicken inside them
    but you, other people, the world....
    - hold them in your love and concern
    - then release them into God's new life

    (take each of these in turn, talking congregation through the movement & biddings)

    Thank you, Jesus that you broke through the darkness of death
    Into the new life of eternity
    And that you invite us to make that same wonderful journey.
    Help us to know your resurrection in our lives
    Help us to see your resurrection at work in the lives of others, and the life of the world ...