john davies
notes from a small curate

    Beautiful - A Holy Week Meditation

    Good Shepherd 7/4/2004

    Isaiah 50.4-9, John 13.21-30

    Close your eyes and try to picture Jesus.

    Ask yourself what Jesus really looked like?

    Perhaps nothing like the man in a Mel Gibson film at all.

    He could have been a short man, a fat man, an unattractive man.

    Though there's so much else about him which would have made him beautiful.

    Our bible readings tonight tell us how Jesus looked....

    The tongue of Jesus; speaking words which give energy to the weary;

    The ears of Jesus; hearing the words of God his Father as he wakes up each morning;

    The back of Jesus; beaten and bruised;

    The beard of Jesus; pulled out by his vicious enemies;

    The face of Jesus; set like flint to face all the sufferings impoosed on him;

    And at that last meal with his friends and followers:

    The brow of Jesus; troubled about what he knew was about to happen;

    The side of Jesus; Simon Peter leaning against it to whisper, "Lord, who is going to betray you?";

    The fingers of Jesus; dipping bread into a dish, brushing the fingers of Judas who is doing the same;

    The lips of Jesus; speaking words of relief: "The time has come for God to be glorified"

    Whether your Jesus is fat or thin, bearded or clean-shaven, attractive or plain, perhaps you will see the beauty in him:

    A beauty which challenges all the hateful words his enemies said about him;

    A beauty which would not even condemn the man who betrayed him;

    A beauty in the way he speaks - giving energy to the weary, hope to the lost, glory to God his Father;

    A beauty which cares for others, even at the point of death;

    A beauty which makes those who draw close to him, also feel beautiful ... knowing how Jesus loves us, we can feel beautiful too ...

    play Christina Aguilera - Beautiful