john davies
notes from a small curate

    Easter / Freedom

    Blue Coat School 30/4/2003

    Romans 8.16-21

    Read What is the point of a goldfish? by Stewart Henderson from Who Left Grandad at the Chip Shop?

    Like this poem, Easter changes the way we look at things. If I said to you, Easter brings freedom, I mean, Easter brings the sort of freedom expressed in that poem. It says, the goldfish might seem pointless, trivial, mundane. It can be all those things. But look at it again - it's gold. Shining like no other creature on earth or in heaven, uniquely wonderful. Uniquely itself.

    Easter invites us to be free to be ourselves. Fully ourselves. Easter says that God has conquered death to bring new life to us. Easter says that God will liberate everything in creation from decay and bring it into a glorious freedom. Easter helps us see everything in a new and liberating way.

    It's not a weird and other-worldly message. When Jesus came back from the dead he didn't look like an alien. He looked fully human again, walking, talking, cooking, eating with his friends.

    When Jesus' followers started to take Jesus' mantle, they didn't become superhuman. But for the first time, they began to see themselves as God saw them. The new life they'd found helped them realise the glory and the potential they had, which had been hidden before. Easter made them free to be fully themselves.

    Our lives might sometimes seem pointless, trivial, mundane. We can be all those things. But Easter invites us to look at ourselves again. Through God's eyes, we may see ourselves in a new way. We may recognise the gold that makes us shine. With God's help, we may start feeling free to be fully ourselves.