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    Stars of Norris Green 5:
    Ian McCulloch

    BBC Radio Merseyside Thought for the Day 27/1/2006

    Norris Green, where I live and work, has produced - and continues to produce - many gifted and talented people. One of them is Ian McCulloch, the lead vocalist with the legendary Liverpool band Echo and the Bunnymen. lan went to Leamington Road School and on the band's latest album he sings a song about Parthenon Drive where he spent his formative years.

    McCulloch is best known in the music business for his outspoken views, which have earned him the nickname Mac the Mouth. For instance in the 1980s he wound up his rivals by describing the Bunnymen as 'The world's best band.'

    But he is also keen to talk up his home city and the estate from which he came. Onstage at the Royal Court he once said, "Liverpool, it's the epicentre of the universe. Adam and Eve were from Norris Green, y' know."

    As a clergyman I'm fascinated by his twist on the Genesis story. As a fan of McCulloch, this makes me smile. It's typically exaggerated language, but it's good to hear because it's always good to hear people taking a pride in the place they come from.

    Here I am
    The age of five ...
    Glad to be alive
    From Parthenon Drive

    The problem with McCulloch's boasts about his music is that they often involve him slagging off other artists compared to himself. The lovely thing about McCulloch's boasts about his birthplace is that they're pure and simple words of appreciation about an ordinary place which is special to him because it's where he was born and raised, nurtured, known and loved - words I hope we could all echo.