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    Stars of Norris Green 1:
    Geoffrey Hughes

    BBC Radio Merseyside Thought for the Day 23/1/2006

    Many gifted and talented people come from the area of Liverpool where I live and work - Norris Green. One of the most famous is an actor, Geoffrey Hughes, who has been in Heartbeat, the Royle Family and Keeping Up Appearances, but is still perhaps best known for his role as Eddie Yates in Coronation Street.

    Some will remember Eddie making his debut in Corrie as a thug who left Albert Tatlock more than a little shaken. But Eddie became a legend as the binman with the trademark torn hat, and a heart of gold.

    Eddie Yates has been described many times as a loveable rogue. Which got me thinking, why do we love rogues like that?

    Perhaps it's because we feel that at heart we are loveable rogues ourselves. We're all too aware of our own shortcomings; so when someone appears on screen with the same sort of imperfections as we've got, it helps us realise we're not alone, perhaps helps us to smile a bit at ourselves.

    But if we're all rogues then to my mind we must all be loveable too. That's certainly at the heart of the Christian message, shared by people of other faiths - that despite all our faults, God loves us, each and every one, unconditionally.

    Which is a challenge, to accept that you're loved that much, and to love yourself and other people the same way. But if you can love a rogue like Eddie - well, thatıs a good start.