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    About the flowers

    BBC Radio Merseyside Sixty-Second Sermon, 20/11/2005

    I live on a long dual carriageway at the edge of our city. And in a few places along our road are bunches of flowers, tied to trees or deposited carefully at the base of lamp posts.

    You will have seen these along roads that you know. Perhaps you have even placed one of them there. Some of these floral tributes have cards attached with a name on; others may even have a photograph.

    They are there to remember someone who has died on that spot - who has lost their life in a road crash. These roadside memorials comfort those who have lost loved ones in this terrible, violent way. As valid as the great memorials in marble and bronze around our city, these gently remind all passers-by of the preciousness of life.

    Today is World Remembrance Day for Road Crash Victims. If we pass a floral tribute on the road today let us spare a thought for those they honour, those who placed them there, and those others involved in roadside incidents which change their lives forever.