john davies
notes from a small curate

    Let's celebrate rebels

    BBC Radio Merseyside Sixty-Second Sermon, 20/7/2003

    Merseyside produces rebels. Think of: Billy Fury, Britain's first rock-and-roller; politicians like Gladstone and Bessie Braddock; sporting heroes who've shown the world that this city can beat them all. We love these rebellious people; they inspire us.

    Today the church remembers a rebel with a cause: Bartholeme de las Casas, a priest who spent his life challenging Church and Empire to defend the poorest American Indians, because he saw Christ being crucified with them in their suffering.

    Now, rebels are nuisances; disturbing our routine and challenging our assumptions. But if we embrace Christ then we embrace a great rebel - who is more disturbing and challenging than Jesus himself?

    So, let's celebrate rebels today; and celebrate that part of us which might rebel, with Christ, in the cause of love, justice and joy.