john davies
notes from a small curate

    Be released

    BBC Radio Merseyside Sixty-Second Sermon, Easter Day 20/4/2003

    I held a small ant in my hands yesterday.
    I caught it in my kitchen, exploring the jars on the work surface.
    As my hands surrounded it in darkness, the ant froze.
    And I felt a little bit like a god.
    I was in charge of this small creature's destiny.

    I could have crushed it, this little nuisance, this interruption to my tidy world.
    Instead I chose to release it outside, into the sunlight, where it scurried away into the lush spring grass.

    I found Easter in that little incident.
    We may see God as one who wants to crush us for interrupting his tidy world.
    Easter shows us that God's not like that at all.
    Rather, God holds us kindly in his hands,
    God offers each and every one of us resurrection.
    This Easter, God wants you to enjoy the light, to be released into the spring-like wonder of new life.