john davies
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    October 2003

    Steve Erspamer: Preachers
    from Real Live Preacher blog

    Real Live Preacher is not only one of the better blogs, reflective, interesting, honest without being boringly introspective. It's also a lovely site to look at. That is, if you like these simple sort of monochrome illustrations. Which I do. RLP sources them from Steve Erspamer, saying, "I discovered Steve Erspamer's beautiful art a few years ago. I feel that his work expresses my own sense of longing and spirituality. I still can't believe art like this is available for purchase at such a reasonable price. What a gift Mr. Erspamer gives to the world."

    There's a steady turnover of them on Real Live Preacher's pages, and when words are too much they're great to stare at and reflect on. This one begs questions like, who are these preachers? And, taking clues from their clothes, their companions and the objects in their hands what sort of preachers are they? Which one would you like to listen to the most? Answers on an email please? (I think I'm probably cassock - book - bird man, occasionally spanner man but would aspire to be dog - dove - tree person)

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