john davies
notes from a small curate

    September 2002

    Meg Wroe Iona Blue
    from her website

    Iona is a special place for me and I've been happy to have spent time on it in the past, with the artist Meg Wroe, a regular on our Greenbelt 'pilgrimages' there. She returns there every year with her family and the island is an inspiration for her work. As she writes on her website, "The paintings are not simply about the powerful visual imagery, as light and shade plays on sea and sky, but also about the powerful emotions awakened."

    Meg's big landscape subjects extend to Kintra and the sweeping rocks of Yosemite; but she also paints teapots, alluding to the theme of hospitality, another common thread in her work. "Drawing on computer enhancement and electronic image manipulation, the teabags pull together the domestic, old-fashioned world of a refreshing cuppa in the kitchen with the hi-tech, online wired world of today."

    Meg's next exhibition is an Open House in Holloway over the weekend of September 21/22. She can be contacted on should you wish to see more of her work.

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