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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Saturday, March 14, 2009
    Caricatures and algorithms
    A gift for my turning up at St. Winifreds and talking about discovering the heavenly in the ordinary to a group of folks from St John 's Waterloo, was a copy of John Minnion's Pool of Life: The Story of Liverpool in Caricatures. It's going to be a good read, full of excellent illustrations like the Bessie Braddock pictured here, accompanied by brief light and breezy biographies of 150 characters whose lives influenced the city. I'll be taking a page a day for the next... erm, 150 days? Maybe two pages.

    Our algorithmic walk around the roads of Rhos-on-Sea this afternoon (Take the second right, first left, first right, repeat) took in some quiet residential roads where a recurring motif in windows and walls was a circle with a cross-shape radiating out from the centre, and ended perfectly in St Trillo's Chapel, allegedly the smallest chapel in Britain, built on the shore over a spring at a point where Trillo 'saw a Celtic cross of light appear above the waters' (according to my copy of Terry Breverton's endearingly eccentric Book of Welsh Saints). We had a little sing in there this afternoon, hoping Trillo might have liked it.

    Bessie Braddock from John Minnion's Pool of Life web page
    St Trillo's from my Rhos-on-Sea Flickr photostream