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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Sunday, August 03, 2008
    In a water world

    Drop down off the road by the industrial estate, into the deep wooded gullies beneath Chirk and you're suddenly in a water world. Yesterday I joined our Boys Brigade on a walk of discovery, a highlight of which was our ten-minute passage through the Chirk Tunnel, which explained why (for a walk in bright sunlight) the boys had been told to carry torches. Though for much of the time our way was lit by the narrowboats passing through beside us.

    Another treat was discovering the gates of Chirk Castle. Created in 1719 by John Davies, no less, of Croesfoel Forge, near Bersham, Wrexham (and his brother Robert). Pretty impressive, to say the least, featuring three wolves heads, various eagles, and the coat-of-arms of the Myddelton family topped by the Bloody Red Hand of Chirk, about which I have no stomach to speculate on just now.

    Actually the main reason I have no stomach is because of the sunstroke; I'm suffering through having run around with not enough hair and too much paunch in a serious game of football in the high heat of a Shropshire summer afternoon. Very achy and feeling my age, nevertheless delighted to have been on the winning team, Men 7 Boys 3. See, we've still got it. We had to prove it. That's me lying down now for a very long night of recovery.

    Pics: Llangollen Canal, Chirk Tunnel from edgeworths2000 Flickr photostream;
    Chirk Castle Gates from www.chirk.com