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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Sunday, August 19, 2007
    Iona week - God in the City

    Some material from the week-just-passed on Iona, where we looked at the theme God in the City...

    Introductory article from Coracle, [pdf]
    God of the sunlight prayer-poem, [pdf]
    Peter Barrett, Where's God?, [extract]
    Quotations from Walter Brueggemann, Michael Leunig and others relating to 'place', can be found in my material on Healing Places (a previous Iona retreat programme)
    Liturgy of Thursday evening's agape service, [pdf]
    Talk given at that service: Jacob's Luz becomes his Bethel

    Martin Wroe's Cough poem ("what are you like?') is available in The Sky's Window and this and his Noise poem are in When You Haven't Got a Prayer; A Journalist Talks to God
    Spend time relishing the riches of The Michael Leunig website.

    Chris Makin is keen to keep going our conversations about urban spirituality. Email me for his contact details. One way to help that happen would be for people to make use of the Pray for the City website. Check it out and consider joining the blogger community there.

    Add your photos of the week to the feeble three I've posted on the Flickr: Iona God in the City week 2007 group I've set up for that purpose (to become a group member just ask me for an invite).