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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Friday, February 06, 2004
    Ask me another
    Thought I'd while away a few moments on the Foamy Custard questionnaire today. I thought wrong. You need more than a few moments. The folks at Foamy Custard are exploring the areas where folklore, mytholology, cultural studies and related disciplines come together. "Drawing on their different strengths helps us to understand better popular culture, politics, religion, and many other aspects of modern life."

    So the questionnaire asks you to agree or disagree / a lot or a little on things like:

    "Almost everything people believe in as grown ups consists of lies they were told as children";

    "Political myths are at least as prevalent as religious ones";

    "What passes for 'traditional' is rarely rooted in the real past but rather in the nostalgia that derives from dissatisfaction with modernity"

    Good ones for the pub, all of them. Seems almost churlish to dispatch a reaction to them on the click of a radio button. Seems in keeping with the Earth Mysteries connection that once dispatched your answers disappear without trace. I thought I might get a quickfire response like "You obviously adhere to the notion that myths can be thought of as not so much the contents of consciousness as deep structures that shape the contents of consciousness". But nothing but a thank you came back. I look forward to reading what the folks at Foamy Custard make of punters' replies.

    Meanwhile I have devised a questionnaire of my own. It is based on the little booklet inside a whisky gift box I just bought for a friend. One question, three categories, here it is...

    Describe yourself in terms of:
    (a) nose
    (b) taste
    (c) finish