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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Monday, March 24, 2003
    CAP Lent Challenge update
    It all went pear-shaped last week on the CAP Lent Challenge. I'd suspected it would from before the start of Lent. A week's holiday, planned well before taking up the Challenge, was always going to be tough, on the minimum wage. Well, it turned out to be impossible, actually.

    Not that I lacked restraint - I know that from four days in London I could have come back laden with many books, cds, other sorts of gifts for self and others; I could have spent far more on food and travel than I did. Nevertheless I reckon I spent approaching £200. Which is four times my weekly income on the minimum wage. To pay for it I've decided I have to 'loan' - meaning that for the next ten weeks I'll be reducing my income 'at source' by £20. So now, till the end of this Challenge I'm down to £30 a week.

    Well, perhaps I'll get by on that; use the car far less and the bike far more, keep learning economy shopping. But I'll have to stop doing what I just did today - wandering down Bold Street in and out of all my favourite shops. Way too tempting. I bet someone's written about the geography of poverty - how those excluded by low income from purchasing for 'leisure', walk different streets than those who think nothing of wandering down the shops, or driving to the Outlet Village, etc. Having spent an enjoyable week travelling the country, for the rest of Lent my geography will shrink....