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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Saturday, February 22, 2003
    Count yer blessings

    Oh, yes. Hilarity prior to RadzinskiÕs great escape act today, at my usual spec on Goodison Road. As I opened the latest When Skies Are Grey my eyes lit on this classic.....
      Like all Evertonians we've been tickled by some of Gerard Houllier's comments recently. He's clearly losing it big time. We've even done a little feature in this issue called "The Wit & Wisdom of Toulouse LeplotÓ. But even we have been surprised by revelations in David Hill's Said & Done column in The Observer (09/02/03). Yes, believe it or not, M. Leplot has used the phrase "blessing in disguise" seven times this season. And here they all are:

      06/02/03 Liverpool 0 Palace 2
      "We don't like to lose but this could be a good thing for the rest of the season. It could be a blessing in disguise. We'll See.Ó

      29/01/03 Liverpool 2 Arsenal 2
      "You don't always get everything going your way in life but I believe my players have overcome the disappointments better than I have. This could be a blessing in disguise."

      26/01/03 Palace 0 Llverpool O
      "You learn more about your players. A crisis can be a blessing in disguise."

      15/12/02 Sunderland 2 Liverpool 1
      "I said to our players that our season starts now. We are still in the Uefa Cup, the Worthington Cup and the FA Cup. We're still in a strong position. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise."

      25/11/02 Fulham 3 Liverpool 2
      "I think we will see this period as a blessing in disguise. In fact, I like being down like this because you always learn more about your players from a defeat."

      17/11/02 Liverpool 0 Sunderland 0
      "This is something good about my team - once a game is fnished it's in the past. When you lose it's an opportunity to recover your focus, sharpen your energy. Time will tell - it could have been a blessing in disguiseÓ.

      25/09/02 Valencia 2 Liverpool O
      "There's no disgrace in losing to a good team - and it's better to lose the first match than the others that follow. This was a reminder of what is required at this level... and maybe it was a blessing in disguise."

      This week Rick Parry, Liverpool's Chief Executive was quoted as saying: "we are extremely happy with everything Gerard has done for us and we have absolutely no doubts he'll be with us for the foreseeable future."

      There is no disguising this blessing.
    The WSAG guys just think itÕs funny. Which of course it is, but for me, there's got to be a sermon in it too .....