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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Thursday, November 07, 2002
    There's an insect in my bath
      there's an insect in my bath
      it's thin and red and hairy
      it's got about a hundred legs
      it's small but still quite scary

      there's an insect in my bath
      I think that it is stuck in it
      it's running up the sides so fast
      then sliding back down into it

      there's an insect in my bath
      how can I help it out?
      if it ran onto my fingers
      I'm afraid I'd scream and shout

      there's an insect in my bath
      I'll leave it till the morning
      it may slip down the plughole
      just as the day is dawning

    - this poem hangs on the bookcase alongside the computer here at Linda & Pete's house in Hayward's Heath where I'm having a short break from Ireland with the family. I wrote it for Jessica in 1999 and she took it into school to show her teacher who became a fan. It is a true story based on an experience in the bathroom on 'C' staircase at Ridley Hall. In the light of a conflict management session I took part in on Monday night at Corrymeela, it says a lot about me. The final verse, especially, demonstrates what I know only too well - I'm a conflict avoider by nature. I'll always wait hoping to see if it will go away on its own before having to do something about it...